A few years ago, 212 decided to go green officially after practicing many recycling and sustainable business choices since our opening in 1992. We did so because we wish to create a healthier environment, cut costs, improve staff moral, increase customer loyalty, educate and bring in new customers, and stay ahead of legislation. 212 Market Restaurant is certified by the Tennessee Green Hospitality Program.

Here are some of the ways that we stay green:

  • Recycling or composting of all non-meat food wastes; leftovers and scraps go to the Chattanooga Food Bank, the Chattanooga Zoo, and local farmers
  • Utilizing locally grown and seasonal foods as much as possible and featuring sustainable food options including organic vegetables, seafood, and meats
  • Growing our own herbs at the restaurant
  • Continued recycling of all waste items such as glass, paper, plastic, metals at Orange Grove Center
  • Using recycled & biodegradable products including “plastic” bags, cold cups, and to-go ware made from corn or other natural products — plus biodegradable hand soap from Dr. Bronner’s
  • Reducing water waste by using aerators on sinks and low flow urinals in the men’s room, redirecting rain water & condenser water from the roof to the landscape & garden, venting the ice maker to the roof
  • Saving electricity by having solar panels on our roof, using Energy Star appliances, compact fluorescent light bulbs inside and LED lights outside, and Excel hand dryers in the restrooms that use 80% less energy than other blowers and costs 90% less than paper towels in a year’s span
  • Encouraging employees & guests to carpool, use Carta bus service, ride bikes, or walk to 212 and providing electric car chargers in our parking lot