More Than an Energy Efficiency Program

Empower Chattanooga teaches residents of East Chattanooga, Highland Park, East Lake, and Alton Park low cost and no cost ways to reduce their utility bill. Empower views energy use and affordability of utilities as having a direct affect on quality of life in Chattanooga. 

Energy Efficiency 

What would you do with an extra $40 per month? The utility bill doesn't have to be an out of control expense. Our basic energy efficiency workshops teach renters and homeowners easy changes to make that add up to big savings. That extra money can now go to other expenses like groceries, school supplies, or medicine. 

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Community Building

We view energy efficiency as only part of a complex puzzle. We have community action and advisory groups in each neighborhood we work within to help lead community efforts on the ground, everything from park clean up's to outdoor movie nights. We believe that building stronger communities plays a vital role in making a better Chattanooga. 

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