A lot of small, simple steps add up to make a big difference. Spray-foam insulation, low-energy lights, Energy Star appliances, and high-efficiency AC provide a cozy environment without burning more fossil fuels than we need to. Besides adding patios to the structure, no new materials were used in our renovations. We collect rainwater in old whiskey barrels to keep our outdoor plants happy in the summer. Our restrooms are built around water-saving features—compared to the average commercial building of the same size, we use over 20,000 fewer gallons per year. Our booths, furniture, woodworking, bar cabinets, bathroom sinks, and all kinds of other pieces were fabricated by local craftsmen. Walk here, bike here, bus here—we’re in the heart of the city, so alternative transportation is the name of the game. And we recycle everything we can.

We’re proud to be the first LEED Certified restaurant in Chattanooga, using nearly half the amount of energy used by non-LEED restaurants. For more information check out our Leed Tour Brochure.

We love our city and are proud to say we own and operate one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses in town. We grew up here and believe in supporting our community and being the best neighbor we can be.

This year, our team will volunteer over 120 hours for local organizations and we will donate over 3% of our profits back to local causes.

If you have a cause that you think we should know about, please let us know by emailing