Green Building Resources for Landscape Architects

Stormwater may well be the most pressing sustainability challenge confronting Chattanooga today. In 2014, we sent 62 Million Gallons of untreated sewage and stormwater into our local waterways.

Resource Rain

Resource Rain is the go-to source for information about the current City of Chattanooga regulations that help address both the quality of our water, and the quality of life in our city. Resource Rain and the strategies it outlines for green infrastructure and low-impact development not only helps meet our moral obligations to our environment and legal obligations under the Clean Water Act, it also helps improve the quality of life in our city by creating attractive landscaped elements to balance hard impervious surfaces. It makes sidewalks more enjoyable to walk on, streets more beautiful, and turns seas of asphalt parking into potential habitats. 

For Resource Rain, please see the city's website:

For our Low-Impact Design Challenge which helped launch Resource Rain, and to see the presentations from the teams that competed, head to this page


case studies

The Landscape Architecture Foundation has great case studies on creating high quality environments for people and stormwater. One of these case studies is in Chattanooga: