Looking for a Green Home?

The best way to ensure that the quality and performance of a home match what the seller says about it is certification from a third party. Look for the following certifications:

LEED for Homes (or LEED for Neighborhood Development)

EPB Smart Build 

Energy Star


National Green Building Standard

Realtors with NAR's Green Designation

Appraisal Institute Green Addendum

HERS Index

Even if the home doesn't have a green rating, you can still have an energy audit done as part of the inspection process. You'll want to get a HERS Rating from the audit, which is like miles per gallon for houses. 100 is a code-compliant house in 2006, and 0 uses no energy whatsoever. LEED, Energy Star and TVA Energy Right Platinum require a HERS Rating of 85. EPB Smart Build and TVA Energy Right require a HERS Rating of 93.



Green MLS Toolkit: is a green real estate industry collaborative project to ensure value for sustainable, healthy, and energy efficient homes. It recognizes homes that receive third party verified certifications above.





Resources to Help Finance a Green Home

HUD.GOV: Financial Incentives for Home Energy-Efficiency Improvements 

Energy Star's Energy Efficient Mortgages: Crediting a home's energy efficiency into its mortgage