Books on Architecture and Design

Builders Guide to Mixed Climates by Joseph W. Lsiburek 

Passive and Low Energy Cooling of Buildings by Baruch Givoni 

Green Remodeling by David Johnston and Kim Master 

The Architecture of Country Houses by AJ Downing 

Sustainable Architecture White Papers Collected by EarthPledge 

The Investigation of Buildings by Donald Friedman 

Why Buildings Stand Up by Mario Salvadori 

Devil's Workshop: 25 Years of Jersey Devil Architecture by Susan Piedmont-Palladino and Mark Alden Branch

Authentic Log Homes by Ferris Robinson 

How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand 

The Urban Design Handbook by Urban Design Associates 

Rural Studio by Samuel Mockbee and an Architecture of Decency 

Proceed and Be Bold: Rural Studio After Samual Mockbee by Andrea Oppenheimer Dean and Timothy Hursley 

American Building: The Environmental Forces that Shape It by James Marston Fitch 



**All of these books are available to check out from our Main Street location**