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Duct and Envelope Tightness Verification 

In January of 2013 the International Energy Conservation Code with the City of Chattanooga Amendments became mandatory, requiring diagnostic testing be performed by a Certified Duct and Envelope Tightness (DET) Verifier. This includes testing for duct and building envelope leaking and addresses how renovations to existing homes and duct systems could better benefit residences in limiting air infiltration and cutting excess energy spending . 

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Here are some local companies that are certified in DET testing and members of green|spaces: 


Anitdote PC

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Indoor Air Quality Testing 

The causes of indoor air pollution vary from region to region and home to home. They can be caused by many various indoor sources like construction materials, consumer products, mold, insects and pets. Better air ventilation adds credits to LEED certification while most importantly ensuring a healthy indoor living environment for all residences. 

Learn more about indoor air quality through this link. 

Here are some local companies that are certified in indoor air quality testing: 

EnviroFocus, Inc

Industrial Air Solution Specialists 

Healthy Home Now, Inc

Building Envelope Testing 

Building envelope testing is a process in which the building's envelope is tested to measure air intrusion, water intrusion, and thermal intrusion. As opposed to duct and envelope tightness testing, building envelope testing looks at water and heat performance characteristics of sample sections of walls.

Here are some local companies that are certified in building envelope testing: 

Scenic City Homes

Building Diagnostics Group