It all started when two guys moved to Chattanooga to live where they longed to climb. After opening The Crash Pad: An Uncommon Hostel, these two inexperienced gentlemen turned their attention to creating the Flying Squirrel, a neighborhood bar and restaurant.  

The vision transformed itself into a work of art, from the exposed trusses and giant cedar beams that make up the backbone of our building, to the locally crafted fixtures and furnishing.

We opened our large, wooden door in 2013 to welcome the Chattanooga community, as well as all travelers coming to experience our beloved City. We strive to be your third place. "What's my third place," you ask? Your home is your first place, your work is your second place, and your third place is a dying breed of establishment where you go to unwind, socialize, and generally enjoy life. Let us be your Third Place.

We emphasize fresh ingredients in both our kitchen and bar programs, buying everything local that we can. From making our own infusions, to crafting cocktails that fit the season, we continually strive to be an inventive and innovative bar. Looking for a local beer?  Our beer selection rotates often, bringing you the best craft brews we can get our hands on, many that have never been tapped in the state!

And why not have some of the most unique and fresh food to go with that cold one? From small plates, to main courses, to late night bar fare, we've got you covered. Oh, and Sunday brunch?  We're here waiting for you with a Sriracha Bloody Mary in hand and some homemade biscuits on the way!