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Too often, pizza places try to imitate Naples, Rome, or other Italian-style pies. At Lupi's, we love our friends across the pond, but our pizzas are 100% local! Inspired by local ingredients – from whole wheat flour to tomatoes, from honey to ground sausage – all harvested within 100 miles of where we bake them. You'll find that it stacks up to any pizza, anywhere.

Can pizza change the planet? We say yes, and our actions speak even louder than words. We buy from local sources whenever possible, supporting farmers and other vendors in the communities, we also recycle everything possible – not only glass, plastic, aluminum and other materials, but also trimmings and food waste from the kitchen, which feeds the pigs at Flying Turtle Farm. It's all part of a bigger vision for a better world, what we like to call our peace of the pie.