Build It Green - BIG

Build Me a World and Empower Chattanooga are partnering on a new 12 week leadership and workforce development training program, Build it Green. Thanks to support from Urban League of Greater Chattanooga and TVA, we are going to be expanding the program in 2020.

BIG aims to generate pathways out of poverty for young adults through job readiness training, community organizing and outreach training, and technical training in the green building field. Affordability of utilities is one of the greatest challenges to low income neighborhoods in Chattanooga. This program brings solutions to issues of energy efficiency in low income areas as well as a pipeline for employment into the green economy. BIG utilizes a unique blend of community outreach, personal development, and technical training to create workforce ready young adults.

The 12 week program will prepare young adults from low-income communities for entry level jobs in the energy services field, while equipping them to engage low-income residents in sustainability practices and programs, particularly best practices in residential energy efficiency and weatherization programs.

BIG participants will gain the following from the 12 week program:

  • 6 weeks community engagement/personal development/job readiness training

  • 6 weeks technical training in weatherization and community sustainability

  • 3 days per week, 4 hours per day of training

  • Weekly job shadowing & off site job training opportunities

  • Paid training - $10/hour for 12 weeks

  • Paid job shadowing opportunities

  • Job placement assistance

  • Base training in weatherization and basic home upgrades

  • No GED or high school equivalency required

BIG is based off Stan Johnson’s workforce development program, Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development (SEEED), in Knoxville, TN and Manitoba Green Retrofit in Alberta, Canada.