Empower Chattanooga is more than an energy efficiency program. We want to consider how energy use and affordability of utilities affect quality of life in Chattanooga, neighborhood-by-neighborhood.

Empower Chattanooga is a new approach to considering and coordinating the delivery of a range of services based on grassroots feedback, real-time geospatial analysis, and the ongoing coordination of public and private resources. Together with residents, our partner organizations want to advance environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Why these Neighborhoods?

In January of 2012 and 2013, homes in East Chattanooga, Highland Park, and East Lake used 43% more electricity per square foot than the average home in Chattanooga.

TO DATE we have....

  • Assisted over 1000 people with low cost and no cost ways to reduce utilities
  • Hosted over 50 Free Energy Savings Workshops
  • Sponsored two clean up days on Glass Street & East Lake Duck Pond
  • Partnered on 10 Community Fairs
  • Held 10 Family Movie Nights
  • Participated in National Night Out Safety Events
  • Assisted with creation of Avondale Block Leaders
  • Provided Free Energy Savings kits to ANYONE regardless of income or location

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